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Friday, June 06, 2008

What is audio video server

Short Review on audio video server

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Affordable Website Hosting Services - 5 Fantastic Tips To Ensure Satisfaction

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 12:24:41 GMT
Affordable website hosting services are everywhere you look nowadays, but sadly many should be avoided and you should never blindly jump in and simply use the cheapest hosting service you come across. Reliability is often an issue with many low cost hosting services but thankfully there are some affordable hosting companies that are reliable and as good as any top web hosting provider.

Strike Data Web Hosting

Mon, 24 Mar 2008 15:44:13 +0000
Strike Data

Basic Plan Info
Wordpress - $1.49/mo
Standard - $3.00/mo
Business - $6.00/mo
Promo Codes:
25OFF - 25% off any hosting order
10OFF - 10% off any domain registration

Host package features details below

Most Popular Plan

Wordpress Web Hosting Package
1 GB of Disk Space
5 GB of Bandwidth
5 MySQL Databases
Instant Setup
CPanel 11 x3
CGI, PHP5, Frontpage Extensions
Free ...]

SEO: Lokasi Hosting Menentukan SEO

Sun, 09 Mar 2008 04:07:40 +0000
SEO juga ditentukan oleh lokasi hosting. Untuk hosting IIX ada kelemahannya. Karena IIX cepat untuk Indonesia, sangat lambat buat luar Indonesia, bot-bot dari Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, DMOZ, dll akan mengalami kesulitan mengakses web anda.
Ini ada artikel mengenai SEO ditentukan oleh lokasi hosting:
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HTB Monitoring Script comes with a wide range of administration and reporting features that allow users to start their own accurate, to-the-second monitoring service. The new version comes with a unique feature: WinApp System Tray Add-on that incorporates browser functions in a tiny application that sits quietly in the Windows System Tray; multiple integrated payment gateways.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)
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host gator dedicated
host gator dns
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host gator email
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Another short best web hosting reviews review

best web hosting reviews Products we recommend

I've been with hostgator since around August of 2004. I signed up with a
reseller account to use as hosting for both myself and clients. My problems
began about a year ago with them, sometime in February or March of 2005 when one
of my sites was getting too much traffic. Now, I'm no fool. I understand that
shared hosting oversells and anyone who uses too many resources, even if still
within their quota, gets kicked off. What really shocked me, though, was no
warning. Not even emailing me after they had done it. Nothing, nada. I found out
by a member of the site that was suspended, someone I didn't even know, tracking
down my phone number and calling me.

I went to a dedicated server after that, but I kept my hostgator account for the
sites that were already hosted on it - about three client sites, as well as this
site right here.

Two days ago I come to post a blog and hmm, I get the suspended page. That's
weird. I check my email - no notices there. I log into their billing system -
nope, account not past due. What the heck? So I go to their online support chat
and ask them what's going on. I'm informed that I haven't paid my invoice. What
invoice? I have no invoice. I check my bank and I see that I in fact have not
paid them since January. But man, I could've swore I put it on automatic pay.
And hey, if there's no invoice, how can I pay anyway?! Isn't this a problem on
their end? They tell me I need to email sales.

Okay... so I email sales. 12 hours later, they email me back and inform me I
have an invoice, charging me all the way back to October. Uhhh? I KNOW I paid in
January, I have it in my bank statement. I check their billing system, and they
don't even have a backlog of that payment. Something really funky is going on
now. Their system is screwed up, but no matter who I talk to (and oh, I've
talked to everyone) nobody seems to know what's going on. Sales doesn't talk to
support, online support doesn't talk to phone support, so who the hell knows.

Strangely enough, while on the phone with a support guy who informed me I just
need to pay the invoice and then dispute it afterwards, I received an email from
a different support person that my account had been reactivated, and thank you
for the payment. Whaaat? Uh, whatever. At this point I'm just going to take what
I can get and run. Now I at least have backups of all my sites and am moving

It's just astounding how bad a service this has been. I even posted on their
forums about it, in their "Customer Review" section, and it gets MOVED to
another section because I can't post a bad customer review simply because I

Other problems I've had? Well, let's see. About a week ago my sites reverted
back a day and I could get no explanation on why. I had JUST looked at my access
logs the day before, happy about a new site that was already getting hits, and
the next day - logs are back to a day before. Weird. I contact online support
(bad idea, since it's always horrible support) and they have no idea. I guess I
imagined things?

UPDATE 4-20-07: Well, they finally just simply decided to take their bogus bonus
from my credit card that was filed with them, despite the fact that it's
incorrect, I didn't approve of the payment, or anything else. I've never seen
such bad service, support in my life. I can't even be bothered to dispute it
it's just so amazingly horrible.

UPDATE 10-18-07: I'm still with them, why? I don't know - so lazy when it comes
to my own websites. Anyway, so a couple days ago I notice my "main" reseller
account, the site is completely missing. Email is no longer working. I log into
Cpanel to see that it appears my whole site has disappeared. Cute!

Click Here to go to hostican website.

Gorilla Mobile
Social Sciences

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phpbb For Your Reading Pleasure

Compare phpbb

Something not many people know when choosing a web host is the importance of choosing a host that will aid your marketing and your website’s niche. This can be very important if you are running an online store depending on the geographic region you are focusing on. So first let’s start with an explanation of why this all depends on who your site’s visitors will be.

Technical Customer Care Representative

Wed, 28 May 2008 14:08:45 EST

* Provide prompt and courteous web hosting technical support to partners and customers.
* Logging client interaction and providing status updates to customers on Customer Interaction Centre Tracking System.
* Full time employment
* Willing to work flexible hours in a 24 hour call centre environment.
* Competitive wages ($12.00 – $13.00 per hour), PLUS company paid benefit package
* 4 weeks paid training included


* Exceptional Customer Service Skills
* Familiarity with personal computers and Internet.
* Highly self motivated and able to work in a team environment.
* Aptitude for learning new software and applying information in an analytical nature.
* French is an asset, however not required.

Hostopia is seeking enthusiastic and positive individuals; with knowledge of the Internet and customer service experience to join our growing team!

Hostican uptime for February 2008: 99.916% (over the Internet)

Host Papa Web Hosting - $10 off for the month of March!

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:04:28 +0000
If you are looking for a great host then check out
They have $10 off the price of hosting for the month of March.
Use this promo code : HPmarch10

Quick Domain Searching with Domize

Tue, 20 May 2008 12:11:12 +0000
Ready for the Online tool that promises to provide you with the quickest domain name searching ever? is promoting themselves as the “better” instant domain search tool.  Do they live up to that hype?  Yes, they do!
There is no rocket science needed to use it either, which as you all know if something I ...]

The company that I am talking about is

We thought - this will be great as this way we will not have all the

extra work involved in setting up every blog on a new hosting. Well,

read further as nothing went the way we wanted it, or hoped for.

The Planet Explosion Causes Outages

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 00:00:00 +0000
Dedicated hosting provider The Planet suffered an explosion, 4:55 pm CST on Saturday at its H1 data center in Houston, Texas, which led to an outage that affected approximately 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers.

Recommended phpbb Items

"I have been with hostgator only a short time, however have had excellent
support in that time. In a recent issue, hostgator has solved the problem
quickly, and has given me the knowledge to ensure it doesn't happen again. I
definitely get the impression that they care about their customers and their
servers. hostgator is an excellent choice.

My 2 cents, hope it's useful to you."

Click Here to go to hostican website.

Please don't treat this as an average piece of writing on phpbb. A lot of effort and hard work has been put to get this end product!

Handango Inc.
Windows Marketplace. Hundreds of software titles available to download now.

ebsco host
ecommerce web hosting
ecommerce web hosting review
email hosting
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Secrets of what is web hosting

Today`s suggestion: Instant Domain registration immediately protects your brand, family
name or web identity! Start using your own domain name right away, and get all
these great features. Please note: for packages with multiple domains, features
are available for one domain only.

FREE .info domains! For a limited time only, you can register .info domain names
with 1&1 and pay nothing for one year.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

Under what category would you grade this article on what is web hosting? informative? Productive? Inspiring? Give a thought to this!

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e commerce web hosting
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

best web host review help

best web host review

The Hosting Express - Episode 147

Mon, 07 Apr 2008 10:00:32 +0000
Here to help with you hosting needs no matter if you are a web host yourself, or only a user of the service that make the Web go around. Today’s show will be focused on some often ask for questions and services that people have request from me from time to time.
The Web Hosting ...]

Microsoft Hosting Summit - Exhibitor and Attendee Feedback

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:21:00 -0500

A couple of weeks ago, we posted an interview with Michael van Dijken, Microsoft's lead marketing manager for hosted services, where we gained some insight into the direction Microsoft is taking with its partners through events like its annual Hosting Summit.

On the other side of the spectrum are the partners themselves, and we caught up with a good variety of them at the event to really get a sense of what the overall experience was like for them (considering this event really IS mostly about them, right?). We particularly decided to focus on questions like why they decided to attend the event, what they thought about the information Microsoft was presenting to them and what value they felt Microsoft's summit brought to the hosting industry as a whole.

Pop-up Ads removed from T35 Hosting member pages!

Mon, 21 Jan 2008 21:28:03 +0000

Hostican uptime for January 2008: 99.762% (Over the Internet)

Lunarpages Windows Dedicated Servers - Special Offer

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 00:43:32 +0000
Are you in need of a premium reliable Windows dedicated server?

Lunarpages is providing the first 100 customers to purchase any Windows Dedicated Server plan for 12 or 24 months with a copy of WYSIWYG HTML and website editor, Microsoft Expression Web, and a one-year subscription to Expression Studio Training from Total Training, which provides ...]

SEO: Lokasi Hosting Menentukan SEO

Sun, 09 Mar 2008 04:07:40 +0000
SEO juga ditentukan oleh lokasi hosting. Untuk hosting IIX ada kelemahannya. Karena IIX cepat untuk Indonesia, sangat lambat buat luar Indonesia, bot-bot dari Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, DMOZ, dll akan mengalami kesulitan mengakses web anda.
Ini ada artikel mengenai SEO ditentukan oleh lokasi hosting:
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Yahoo Publisher Network : Now offers quick Paypal payments

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 09:32:30 +0000
Yahoo Publisher Network now offers quick Paypal payments with minimum payout of $50 instead of normal $100 , So you don’t need to wait for 7-10 days for the check.
We’ll transfer earnings here, and you can transfer them into your bank account at your convenience.
Reviews/News, Yahoo!

Recommended best web host review Items

This post is part of my case study Hosting Case study. This review is not based
on my experience but is in general based on my ghost writter. I will make a
review as soon as I buy an account from them.


If you are looking for the best host, the best network and the best choice,
check out This is a web hosting provider that has been serving
more than 100,000,000 clients since they started 1992. The best thing that the
clients love about hostgator is their customer service. hostgator makes sure
that their clients are satisfied with the hosting programs that they provide.
They offer several services in order to keep the standards of their services.


hostgator provides only the best services to cater the needs of their clients.

* Assistance� They provide editing and website set-up for those who are
in need of one. hostgator has set up a team which handles designing of websites. is a special team for this. The team makes sure that the output will
result to the client�s 100% satisfaction.

* Domain Registration� Aside from designing the webpage, hostgator also provides
the domain registration. You will just have to send them the name that you
wanted and they handle everything for you. They accept payments through Paypal.

* SSL Certificates� This is important for sites, especially those that requires
password and accepts payments through credit cards. For a minimal amount, you
can already avail of this service together with your website design.

* Script Installation� If you are having troubles with the scripts of your site,
hostgator can also do it for you. Just inform them of the script that you wanted
and they will do everything for you.

* hostgator Coupons: hostgator offers many coupons every month so you can buy a
hosting account for 1 month with a price of $0.01 just in case you want to test
them out. Check out the hostgator Coupon Codes

Ease of Use

You do not have to worry if you take hostgator as your host. They provide for
everything that you need. You can avail of everything from them; this is from
the domain name registration, website design, script installation and SSL
Certification. They also have an online customer support that you can talk to,
24/7. No downtime is guaranteed on your website because they only use the best
and the finest equipments.


hostgator offer several packages, depending on the need of their clients. They
have website hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. The website
hosting starts at $4.95 per month with features that will maximize your website.
If you prefer to have the reseller hosting package, you can have it for a
minimum price of $24.95 monthly. This is for those who wanted to have their own
hosting services. The dedicated hosting services, on the other hand, starts at
$174 monthly. All of these hosting services have free set-ups depending on your


You need not worry about the support. hostgator has different forms of
assistance or their reliable clients. The best support that they currently have
is their 24/7 online customer service. They have several divisions that can help
you if you have concerns regarding your site and their web hosting jobs. The
company offers knowledgebase support and the flash tutorials where you can learn
all the basic things on these categories. If you have further questions, you can
go to the Gator forums and live chats. These sites have staffs online that can
help you with your concerns. There are also members in the forum that can guide
you with your concern. If you are not satisfied with these supports, you can use
the Ticket system and address your messages to Brent and he will personally
contact you.


hostgator is one of the best web hosting providers. They offer cheap web hosting
compared with other web hosting providers. They area in the process of improving
their services and one of this is working with Windows web hosting.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

Please provide your brief, but concise remarks on this writing about best web host review. Of course, it would be preferable for these remarks to be enhancing ones.

host gator coupon


Information about free web host reviews

free web host reviews Items For Viewing

The hosting service works fine, although we have a very low volume of traffic
(less then 500mb a month). Unfortunately, from time to time, every few days, our
email would stop arriving. We wouldn't actually loose any mail, but email would
be delayed by as much as an hour sometimes. We complained about this to
ixwebhosting a few times through their online live chat help. No resolution
came, even though I even contacted them at the moment when our email was NOT
working - so they could experience the problem as well during 'live chat' help.
Later I recieved an email saying that they tested our email, and that we have no
problem and that ticket has been 'resolved' (not!). Just like every previous
time. They know it is an intermittent problem and they check once in a blue moon
and based on that conclude that everything is fine. So email problems stay
unresolved. Too bad, it seemed like a good deal and a good place for one's
hosting needs.

Click Here to go to ixwebhosting

free web host reviews have always fascinated me. This is the initiative I needed in getting this article written on free web host reviews, to let this fascination fascinate others.

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free web hosts reviews
free web page hosting


web hosting sites review and suggestion

Recommended web hosting sites Items

General Impression

World Number One

At a time like this, when only the strongest companies survive, choosing the
right one is imperative. 1&1 is proud to be both the world's biggest web host,
and the fastest growing. Their global community is 6 million people strong. They
are financially very stable, profitable, and will be serving and protecting your
website for many years to come.

Combining over 40,000 fully-tuned servers with the renowned performance of
Juniper and Cisco routers, 1&1 utilizes the best products from the world's
leading technology manufacturers and service providers. 1&1 is a Microsoft Joint
Development Partner, and works with other paramount companies such as Google,
Plesk, Symantec, and HP/Compaq.

No matter what the cause, network downtime hurts your credibility, your sales,
and your business. 1&1 uses its experience and expertise in hosting to deliver
99.9 % uptime, so your website is there when you need it.

Price & Cost Effectiveness

All 1&1 products have been designed to provide the ideal combination of features
and affordability, with no pricing gimmicks or hidden costs. You simply won't
find a better value for your money!

Proven Products, Honest Pricing

From convenient Instant Domain and Instant Website packages to all-inclusive
Shared Hosting plans, powerful Dedicated Servers and ready-to-run eShops, 1&1
offers a complete range of web services for every need, every skill level and
every budget.


At 1&1, even their fail-safes have fail-safes. Backup generators, multiple hard
drives, dual routers, cooling systems and gel battery power banks give them real
redundancy so their fleet of 40,000 high-end servers will continue to operate
regardless of external conditions. In the event the grid is down, five huge
16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power for all systems.

Eight high-powered cooling units rated at 5,600 KW and two spiral vortex
compressors work alongside bespoke heat exchangers to keep everything cool.
Every system is n+1 redundant

They use their own backbone and top carriers like Sprint and Level3 to power
your website all over the world. Compare with other web hosts and you'll see why
1&1's speed and reliability make them the clear choice.

Data Center (toured)

They guarantee the highest product quality, top security, and unshakeable
reliability. 1&1's advanced Data Centers have been built from the ground up
using the most advanced technology available, giving their global network a
strength that is beyond doubt. The power and stability of 1&1's systems allows
them to be first to market with web products that are innovative yet dependable.

Powered by advanced information storage technology, 1&1's state-of-the-art Data
Centers keep your website running and your valuable information safe.

24/7 monitoring by Internet specialists, 150+ permanently recording video
cameras, safety locks and more ensure that only authorized personnel can enter
1&1 Data Centers, your data is always safe and secure.

The security airlock ensures that only authorized personnel can enter Data
Center IV. Only one person can pass through the airlock at one time.

Their industry-leading 18,000 MBit Connectivity allows for no-nonsense, fast
transfers at all times. The result is that more users can access and interact
with your website, faster.

When it comes to reliable web hosting, connectivity is everything. At 1&1,
you'll have access to over 18,000 MBit of external connectivity. That means
faster loading times and higher multi-user capacity for your website.

All 1&1 Data Centers are protected and monitored by automated support systems
that permit real-time analysis, review, and maintenance for all clients. All
technology used has been n+1 engineered throughout to avoid any single point of
failure in connectivity, redundancy or power and is monitored around the clock
by specialist network technicians.

Customer Service

All products come with "90-Day Money Back Guarantee" "24/7 Phone & E-mail
Support" and "Online FAQs" and support is fast, no worries from this point of

Contact Information and Support

Information by Phone

1-877-GO-1and1 (1-877-461-2631) for information about products, features or

Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST,
excluding national holidays.

Your questions about products, features or prices to

1&1's Technical Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can
be reached by phone and e-mail.

From your Control Panel

Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel, select your contract and click "Help & Contact"
to locate our support team Contact Form as well as the phone number for our
toll-free support line.

Online FAQs

Use the in-depth FAQ section on their website to get additional tips. It's a
great way to learn how to fine tune your website, enhance your e-mail features
and more.

US Headquarters

1&1 Internet Inc.

701 Lee Road, Suite 300

Chesterbrook, PA 19087

Phone: 1-877-GO-1and1

Fax: 610-560-1501

Website Development

1&1 Internet Inc.


701 Lee Road, Suite 300

Chesterbrook, PA 19087


1&1 has grown into the largest web hosting company in the world for good reason.
With affordable products and impeccable service, you can trust that 1&1 will do
a great job hosting your site!

Click Here to go to hostican website.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Compare web hosting talk

What is web hosting talk

Free Download: Download Your Free Copy of My Best of the Web Hosting Show Guides eBook!

Mitch Keeler - like this? visit | |

$10,000 Peer 1 "Growing Pains" Part 2 Contest

Thu, 01 May 2008 15:09:00 -0500

The folks at Peer 1 are at it again and as noted earlier this week in theWHIR News they have added a $10,000 contest to make things even more interesting.

Episode 2 of the "Growing Pains" video series is also humorous although not as funny as the first episode I must say. What I would have loved to see is a quick recap of the first episode at the beginning to refresh my memory.

To win the $10,000 grand prize which consists of 12 months of managed hosting at PEER 1 ($6,500 value), an Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.5 GHz Laptop (approximate value $2,500) and a Sony HD Camcorder HDRSR10 (approximate value $1,000) you would need to upload your short video and share your web hosting growing pains, funny dealings in running your online business or troubles in getting it off the ground. If you video is selected you could be a winner.

I have noticed that folks in the Web hosting industry tend to be a little shy so I do hope to see some interesting and laugh out loud funny video entries. Good Luck to one and all and let us know if you submit a video, theWHIR readers would love to give you a preliminary review.

What do you think of this "Growing Pains" episode?

Candice Rodriguez
Web Host Industry Review


Today`s suggestion:

General Impression

Founded in 2002,, LLC has quickly grown from its humble beginnings
in Boca Raton, Florida into one of the most respected names in the web hosting
industry. Renowned for exceptional customer support and unrivaled in terms of
customer satisfaction, Host Gator is poised to take the lead in the highly
competitive and densely populated world of web hosting providers.

The Host Gator philosophy is simple: Provide reliable service, superior support,
and affordable pricing to businesses and individuals seeking quality shared,
reseller, or dedicated web hosting solutions.

Host Gator is committed to helping its clients succeed in a highly competitive
marketplace. By offering unmatched levels of customer support together with the
essential tools that today's successful web hosts require, Host Gator should be
your #1 choice for exceptional private label web hosting. As your business
grows, you can rest easily knowing that we will be with you every step of the


Choosing Host Gator means that your sites will be accessible via a fully meshed
and redundant Certified Cisco Network featuring 10 backbone providers. These
providers include:

* UUNet (GigE)

* Sprint (GigE)

* Level 3 (GigE)

* Global Crossing (GigE)

* Verio (GigE)

* AT&T (GigE)

* Time Warner (GigE)

* Allegiance Telecom (2 x GigE)

* Broadwing (GigE)

* AboveNet (2 x GigE)

Data Center (toured)

Host Gator has chosen The Planet to provide its customers with superior network
connectivity with minimal required downtime. Located in Dallas, Texas, The
Planet's Data Center boasts over 35,000 square feet of raised floor space
featuring state-of-the-art security, safety, and cooling systems and is
second-to-none in the industry

* (21) 26-ton Data Air AC units

* Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system

* Over 500 smoke detectors in an integrated system

* Simplex security badge entry/exit on all doors to facility

* Multiple TXU electrical grids

* 4800 volts of input power

* 3 main transfer switches

* 1-megawatt generator (2000-gallon tank)

* 1.5-megawatt generator (2200-gallon tank)

* DataTrax monitoring software for all data center infrastructure

Contact Information and Support



We have 24/7 sales and support available.

1-866-96-GATOR (1-866-964-2867) 24/7 sales and support line 1-561-353-1164




23123 State rd 7 Suite 105 Boca Raton, Fl 33428


9964 Robins Nest rd

Boca Raton, Fl 33496

United States of America

Click Here to go to hostican website.

After writing all this matter on web hosting talk, we have undergone a sense of a gratification on its completion. If this information is utilized, we will feel even better.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Compare web servers

All's well, that ends well. We have now come to the ending of web servers. Until we meet again, adios.

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
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dedicated server
dedicated server hosting
dedicated web hosting


Search for window web hosting

What is window web hosting

Another concern would be that the domain name warehousing domain register would be sitting there waiting for domain names to expire, and conduct domain tasting without having to pay a thing. That would be so they could see which domains did the best with traffic, advertising and branding. So you should be aware the domain name warehousing is out there and web hosting experts and novices alike can be caught by it.

Hostingplex Launches cPanel-based Clustered Web Hosting Service.

Wed, 30 Apr 2008 19:32:17 +0000
TORONTO — April 30, 2008 — Hostingplex, a leading provider in web hosting services announced today that it has launched its clustered hosting service.
The proprietary cluster technology is unique as it makes use of the well-known control panel by cPanel. The company claims customers will still be able to enjoy the benefits of a cPanel ...]

iPhone Games and iPhone Downloads

Thu, 17 Jan 2008 23:01:05 +0000
Since the Apple iPhone came out having a smartphone was pretty cool. What lacked was the support games and downloads to those phones. I am glad the iPhone came around because now there are options. I love playing games when waiting at the doctors or sitting in airport. I was looking into the available options ...]

window web hosting Products we recommend

"I would like to recommend, to anyone looking for a cheap host
with fast support and reliable servers. Recently I had to switch hosts and was
hunting for a new one when I received an email about a post I had made a while
back, they offered me a free 30 days to test them out, and the experience was
excellent. Coincidently it doesn't work out for me to be hosted there due to the
fact that just this morning my comic site was linked to by Penny-Arcade and I
consumed all of Pentium 2.4ghz 1gig Ram server in the space of a few hours. due
to this I had to be kicked off there server to keep it running... I would still
recommend them, as the time I was there the support was very fast and there was
no downtime."

Click Here to go to hostican website.

All this matter was written with passion, which led to the speedy completion of this writing on window web hosting. Let this passion burn for some time.

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